Our Ethos


Nature is our great luxury. This ethos is foundational to our brand and it guides our decisions. Everything from our packaging to product formulation reflects our values... Conserve by using only what's needed. Leave a small, gentle footprint so others may enjoy as well.


We financially support The Nature Conservancy in California, Theodore Payne Foundation, and other local organizations in the State of California. Every single purchase helps bring us a step forward to keeping our wild open spaces, wild.


Doing Our Part to Cherish Our Planet


Reduce overall packaging


Utilize recyclable materials


Use plastic alternatives where possible


100% Clean ingredients

 - #size_3.4 fl.oz. / 100ml


Sustainability begins by buying only what we need. From there, we do our best to use, re-use, and recycle.

CALIFORNICA uses premium glass bottles to maintain the freshness of our products. This also ensures the durable bottle can be re-used to extend its useful life.

We invite customers to return empty glass containers for a discount on your next purchase. Please contact us for details.

Minimal Packaging

At CALIFORNICA, we reduce waste by minimizing consumption. We forego the usual box (secondary packaging) that most consumer products come in.

Instead, we use a fabric pouch that can be repurposed for travel or daily necessities.

For shipping, we have a "one-box" rule. You'll receive one box (shipping) and inside, your products are carefully packaged--with a combination of our fabric pouch and butcher/craft paper. All packing materials are recyclable. Packing peanuts (if used) are compostable.