Who We Are


About Us

Our Founders: A food chemist, English major, and environmental scientist walk into a room... We are three women who began dreaming in Santa Monica where we hiked, prayed, and did life together. After one of our founders overcame a year of serious health challenges (thank you doctors & surgeons!) we were all motivated to reshape our lifestyles. More balance, less stress. Daily exercise and movement. Food as medicine. And, exploring time-tested remedies for healthy living.

Our products are inspired by our namesake – Artemisia Californica (sagebrush) – which we fell in love with while hiking the trails. The aromatic soft chaparral was so compelling that we dove into the research and learned that Chumash healers have been using these medicines for generations.

We feature whole, bioactive plants in their natural form that (a) grow wild in coastal California and (b) are known for beneficial properties for mind, body, and skin. We have tested our products on ourselves (and our loved ones). We are committed to only creating good, helpful, clean products - for us and for the planet. We hope you will find them beneficial as well.

  • Minimalist

    We take a purist approach in harnessing the power of natural, multi-functional plant-actives as found in nature. 100% clean. No chemical isolates, no preservatives. Our formulations include whole, bioactive plants known for beneficial properties for mind, body, and skin.

  • Sustainable

    Nature is our great luxury. This ethos is foundational to our brand and it guides our decisions. Everything from our packaging to product formulation reflects our values... Conserve by using only what's needed. Leave a small, gentle footprint so others may enjoy as well.